Itchu-Bushi “Shakkyo” (Stone Bridge) Lyrics




Itchu-Bushi “Shakkyo” (Stone Bridge)

The Pure Land where Manjusri lives
always having resonant sound everywhere
the beautiful melody far beyond our imagination
and there, a herald lion wakes up
start dancing, flitting with flowers

Everyone is to be blessed
that is the vow of god and goddess
which is the absolute truth with no exception
“There could be no person without blessing of god and goddess”
belief on this will pave the way widely in front of us
as time goes by we’ll surely be successful with that faith
success is indeed the most simples

A moment might be equal to eternity

Eternity might be just a blink

The lion dances even more heroically

colour of peony become more enriched
pleasant flavour filling around
with the power of heavenly melody
the flowers start shining in gold

This brilliant aspect of the lion is the symbol of the fact

“The Person without Fear Never Sways”
showing we all should be like this
the lion exists in everyone’s heart for sure
which is to be guarded forever